Vodden the Hell Are We Doing (Thunderhill 2014)

Performed “air guitar” as penalty. Drew and Jae’s feet began to develop severe blisters after their stints driving. The exhaust runs below the driver’s side of the car. With no insulation and high ambient temperatures, it was literally cooking our feet. Therefore an ingenious solution was created–the pizza pan heat shield. After a trip to the closest auto parts store in the area–Walmart–the team purchased three pizza pans to place on the floor below our feet. two of them stacked together and another facing the opposition direction to create a “thermal break”. This solution still remains there today. We finished in the 100s after finding out that our tires were shot.

This race was in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most participants in an endurance race ever.

Racers: Drew, Hammad, Jae, Phil
Link: Vodden the Hell 2014

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